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Only £4.50 Per Month!

Wheelie bins inevitabily collect dirt and grime which result in a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. These can soon start to emit offensive smells and can also become a health hazard. Neglected bins can harbour parasites and other unpleasant vermin.
Wharfedale Eco Cleaning provide a monthly wheelie bin cleaning service, at your property for only £4.50 per month.  After your bin has been emptied,  we pressure wash your bin inside and out , dispose of any waste water within  our purpose built vehicle, dry your bin and spray it with our re-freshing deoderiser disinfectant, so your bin will be clean as ever and will smell as good as new.

  1. Option 1 £54.00
    12 Cleans 1 Clean per month (1 Years protection)
  2. Option 3 £27.00
    6 Cleans 1 Clean per month (6 Months protection)
  3. Option 5 £13.50
    3 Cleans 1 Clean per month (3 Months protection)
  4. Option 2 £72.00
    As Option 1,+ 4 Cleans of your recycle bin
  5. Option 4 £36.00
    As Option 3, + 2 Cleans of your recycle bin
  6. Option 6 £18.00
    As Option 5, + 1 Clean of your recycle bin
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Areas we cover
LS19 - Rawdon, Yeadon
LS20 - Guiseley, Hawksworth
LS29 - Addingham, Ilkley, Burly in Wharfedale, Menston
BD6 - Odsal, Wibsey
BD7 - Horton bank top
BD12 - Low moor
BD13 - Queensbury, Denholme, Cullingworth
BD14 - Clayton
BD15 - Wilsden, Allerton, Cullingworth
BD16 - Bingley, Eldwick, Harden
BD17 - Baildon
BD18 - Shipley, Saltaire
Please contact us if your area is not listed above to see if we cover your area.
Wharfedale Eco Cleaning Ltd provide a 4 weekly commercial bin cleaning service across Bradford & Leeds. 

The Process: After your bins have been emptied, we pressure wash your bin inside & out, elevate to dispose of any waste water within our purpose built vehicle which has specialist lifting equipment, then we dry, deodorise / disinfect your bins & return them your to your business, smelling good as new!

Please feel free to contact us if you would like to set up this service or if you require any more information. (Prices below include vat).

Commercial Bin Cleaning Services

£4.50                            £6.00                                     £10.00                                          £15.00


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